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Get any of our delicious homestyle meals in your home made in Lancaster County, PA.
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Catch us at the Reading, PA Market!

Delicious Soups, Salads, Desserts, & Meat Products!

Homestyle Salads

Are you looking for a taste of authentic, and homemade Lancaster County, PA cooking at its finest for your home, restaurant or retail outlet? We would love to have you taste how fresh and delicious our items are! We are in production daily to create and ship our products fresh to our customers. When you taste our salads and other dishes, you will taste homestyle recipes that are authentic, refreshing and delicious.

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Our Products

If you enjoy delicious, homestyle salads like potato salad or macaroni salad, or desserts like bread pudding, then you’ll love what we have to offer at Fisher’s Homestyle Salads.
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Looking for something special in your retail outlet? How about a great dessert offering in your restaurant? We can help you out.

Fairgrounds Farmers Market

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Want to stock your kitchen with some of our delicious homemade items? Come visit us at the Reading, PA Market! We’re open Thursday-Saturday. We can’t wait to see you there!
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See Us in Action

Watch us while we cook up the most delicious homestyle meals like our fresh macaroni and cheese, lasagna, eclair desserts, cherry cheese pies, and much more. Excellence is a priority at Fisher’s. Ingredients are meticulously measured and weighed on calibrated scales to ensure consistency and quality.